The Other (Hugely Important) Thing Storytelling Is For

These days, storytelling is all about clarifying your message. It’s all about making what you do more compelling, appealing, interesting, easy to understand, and emotionally connective so that people buy your stuff.

This common assumption is a dangerous trap.

Here is the thing: what if you’re telling the wrong story?

What if the story you tell is based on the wrong premises?

Who talks about this? It’s rare when anyone says anything about the strategic validity of the story that we are choosing to tell.

This leads to more entrepreneurs starting yet another identical company. The only difference is that they have a clearer way to say that what they do is strictly identical to what their competitors offer.

There is no difference.

There is barely any value.

Yet, there’s never been a better time to stop imitating.

Storytelling offers a more powerful opportunity than just clarity.

Telling a story is an opportunity to commit to new strategic choices. It’s about changing the established narrative that runs people’s life.

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