Musical Interlude #5 - Giorgio

Who is Giorgio?

You already know him, or you’ve already heard something from him, I should say.

In their last album, Random Access Memories, Daft Punk invites the music personalities they admire to play with them. On some of the songs, you can hear Neil Rogers, founder of the band Chic. There is also Paul Williams.

And then, there is Giorgio Moroder.

Giorgio Moroder, dubbed the “Father of Disco”, a pioneer of electronic dance music, is the man behind Donna Summer’s worldwide number one song “I Feel Love” and Midnight Express Theme “The Chase”. In other words, he is a big deal, but one from behind the scenes.

While living in Paris, Giorgio got a call from the robots (Daft Punk) inviting him to come to their studio. He was expecting to sit at the piano and compose some music with them. But instead, they said, “no, just tell us the story of your life”.

Giorgio introduces himself and tells one of the most influential origin stories of music history in a song that Daft Punk calls Giorgio by Moroder.

This story represents the source of a new narrative that once revolutionized the music industry.


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