What Gets Noticed

Let’s do a quick test: take a look at the diagram below. What do you notice first?

I am ready to bet that your brain almost immediately focused on the shorter bar.

Contrary to common belief, it’s not because something is bigger that you will notice it more. So, if you’ve asked your graphic designer to make your logo bigger so your company name will be more visible, you were wrong.

“Focal point” is one of the gestalt principles of visual perception. It means that whatever stands out will capture and hold your attention first.

In strategy, that’s what your perspective is for: to stand out with a unique position.

You can figure it out with one of the four stories of the narrative model I’ve been exploring every Thursday with some of you. This happens during the Strategic Narrative Underground sessions.

Your perspective story is your philosophy. It expresses the essence of what your organization stands for. But not just that, it serves well over 10 other functions.

Most importantly, it only works if you’re strong at practicing detachment. Are you ready to renounce and say "no" to anything that doesn’t align with what you believe? In a world where we’re tempted to say yes to every opportunity, this can be difficult.


PS: Interested in learning more about this? You’ll have a free chance this Thursday. More info in my next email.

Opportunity Story: Strategic Narrative Underground Session 6
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