You Are Not Delivering Value

“Delivering value” is a misnomer. What your company does has no value.

It’s not like you can show up at your buyer’s door and say” “Hello, I am bringing the value you ordered. Where would you like me to drop it?”

Notice how the value of an object depends not only on the object itself but also on the way it’s delivered. In some cases, delivering a book to your home by tomorrow instead of next week is twice the price.

Value comes from the perception that we have of what your company does. Therefore, it all depends on how we interpret what your company does.

The creation of value is a complex process that involves many signals, including what you give us, plus what we know, what we believe, and what we expect as normal well before you give it to us. Thus, there is no value creation without someone else’s judgment.

Therefore, it’s not because we see an opportunity as valuable that it will be to everyone.

Assuming value because we think we can deliver it is a costly mistake.

Instead of imposing a price, ask your buyers what they would miss if you stopped doing the work that you’re doing. You might perceive your own value differently.

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