Quick Test

Which one of these two calls to action makes you want to take action?

Call to action. #1: “Buy our stuff. It’s the best. Get it here.”

Call to action. #2: “We are a company on a mission, and we invite you to join us because it will transform how we all live. For this, you will need to buy our stuff. It’s the best for that specific mission. Get it here.”

The product is rarely the only reason why we move forward. Context is equally important and sometimes even more important.

But we seem to forget too often about that context. We either rushed through the sales process or thought people know it already, so we’re going to sound too repetitive if we mention it again.

Call to action #1 might work for commodities and things we’ve bought over and over before.

Call to action #2 is indispensable for an innovative idea, solution, service, or product. It tells us WHY in a specific context, the one that you’ve framed as being important to understand.

Hit reply and let me know which one.

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