Why Most Pitches Stink


We put things in the wrong order: product, then pitch. We build something, and then we make up a story. We come up with something new, and then we spend a fortune asking, “Who wants it?”. Meanwhile, our competitor also built a similar thing and is also yelling at the market. So then, we believe that branding will come to save us, to hide all the holes in our product and our strategy, just like paint covers rotten wood… until things fall apart.

The narrative precedes your company, your strategy, your product, and everything else. It is the foundational idea for why you are in business.

What makes your company stronger is not a better pitch.

What makes the difference is if people understand why it should exist from the get-go and understand how they can translate the narrative into their daily actions and decisions.

Your product is just the apparatus that enables people to enact this new narrative.

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