Organizations And Movements

Organizations organize.

Movements revolutionize.


For the former, the purpose is stability.

The latter requires a bit of insanity.


Although they’re not from the same list.

Like Yin and Yang, they need each other to coexist.


Take a company for example.

Its ultimate goal is to never scramble.


But when the results need to be upped,

The bosses will say they want to disrupt.


They will need to create a movement.

Otherwise, change will go dormant.


They will have to inspire to action.

The goal of a movement is the mission.


Movements emerge through culture.

And our attention they capture.


That’s because movements make things imperative.

They are powered by an urgent narrative.


But for a movement to have an impact,

By planning and structure, it will have to be backed.


The bosses will need to build it with intention.

They will for sure need preparation.


If a movement stems from contestation,

It can only live on through organization.


Soon after you start the controversy,

You’ll have to build a product that can be used easily.


To turn people into participants actively,

Your product is the material expression of your ideology.


Revolutions start when we dare to believe.

That’s how organizations change the narrative.

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