Don’t Make The Mistake

The narrative of the United States is documented in the constitution and the stories about our founding document and the efforts to improve it over the years.

“Every provision of the Constitution has a narrative, a story of the people, events, and cases behind its drafting and passage, and of the debates, both in the courts and the political branches, about its meaning.” -

But most importantly, the narrative of the United States lives in the hearts, minds, behaviors, decisions, and language of its people.

The same goes for your company.

For most people, a strategic narrative is a slide deck or a website. Period.

It’s true. It’s like your “constitution”. It explains why your company exists, what it is shooting for, what it stands for, and how you intend to run it with processes, rules, products, and so on.

But it would be a huge mistake to stop here.

Most importantly, your strategic narrative lives in the hearts, minds, behaviors, decisions, and language of your community (you, your team, clients, prospects, partners, etc.)

Narratives are how we imitate. They are how we learn norms, how to belong to the group, how language gets learned, and how culture gets transmitted in our society. Narratives are these instrumental frameworks that we can pick up and use quickly. They are shortcuts, heuristics; they help us accelerate adaptation and fit into the mold. They help us reproduce what has worked.

Strategic narratives are built through social interactions and language. Not just through the design of Powerpoint slides.

Don’t get confused.

Don’t make the mistake.

The Strategic Narrative Workshop starts again on September 14th. To learn how to build yours the right way, register now.


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