Time Travel For Change

Have you ever wondered why time-lapse videos of landscapes are so compelling to watch?

They give us a sense of standing apart from the regular flow of time. For a few minutes, they remove us from our human condition and elevate our point of view. Our perspective changes because we revisit the past at a speed that helps us make sense of where we live and where we come from.

A time-lapse video also invites us to imagine the future. Visually traveling through the time dimension at a fast pace helps us make deductions. Then, after we’re done watching, it’s like we can predict what’s coming next.

By changing our perception of where we live and making us imagine the future, a time-lapse video of our landscape helps us see our context differently. And when this happens, it becomes much easier to accept the change that we can see unfold in front of our eyes. The change we see through the video frames becomes undeniable, inevitable, and likely irreversible.

Traveling through time changes our perspective and changes our narrative.

This video of our planet by Google proves it. Hopefully.

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