How To Make People Care

This is a fundamental question.

The answer: we care about what’s at stake. As humans, we need to know two things to decide if we will join you.

First: what we would lose if we didn’t join.

Without a clear understanding of what we might miss, we may never fully feel any urgency to act.

Second: what we would gain if we joined.

Whether it’s about life, family, money, work, society, or the planet, we need to know what the opportunity looks like.

Therefore, here is a basic structure that will help you explore and frame your opportunity story.

“Together, we will ………………. in order to ………………. , because if we don’t ……………….”.

Together: should imply who are the participants in your strategic narrative.

In order to: this is the shared desire, along with what success looks like

Because if we don’t: indicates what failure looks like.

Don’t use this structure only as a template. Instead, go beyond and start a process of exploration.

Also, keep this in mind: the opportunity story is not a focus on how your business will grow.

The opportunity story is first about making somebody’s life better.

That’s what makes people care.

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