Four Stories

As I’ve said before, a strategic narrative is a system of stories that you build intentionally to mobilize people to participate in a new opportunity.

Four stories; these are the four indispensable stories you need to build a killer strategic narrative:

  • The origin story: tell how you decided to participate in changing the status quo.
  • The opportunity story: explain why it’s urgent that people also join you and participate now.
  • The perspective story: give a new set of rules for people to participate and achieve the opportunity.
  • The product story: say why your product is the ideal new way for people to participate now.

That’s how the best founders, CEOs, and business owners drive momentum inside and outside their company.

If it’s that simple, why is it so hard?

The answer: persistence. Those four stories take time to hone. They are hard to tell, but once you have them, they are the most powerful asset you will own to unlock new levels of profitability and engagement.

Ready to participate?

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