15 Ways To Mobilize People

How do you mobilize people?

1 - Don’t just tell stories. Build a narrative. People will pay for a story, but people will die for a narrative.

2 - Co-create your strategic narrative. When people have their fingerprints on a strategic narrative that they built together, it becomes their own.

3 - Challenge what everybody else accepts as truth. You will animate people if your narrative is distinctive and novel.

4 - Shrink your brag zone. Building a company is like going on first dates every day. If you spend your time telling everyone about yourself, you will make the dates boring and you will sound desperate.

5 - Tell people how you started. To make people excited about an opportunity, they need to know why you were excited about it in the first place.

6 - Turn your audience into participants. If you create a company where colleagues, customers, and partners can see themselves participating, you’re calling them to action. As a result, more people will want to buy from you and work with you.

7 - Advertise your beliefs before you advertise your product. You can only sell what you do if, first, people believe why it matters.

8 - Say the thing you are afraid to say. Speak the truth, and people will follow you for saying and doing what they want to say and do.

9 - Say it humanly, without bullshit. Your words matter. They mobilize people. They sell your ideas and your products too. The good ones are painful to find but powerful to own.

10 - Repeat yourself. What is new is always rejected the first time. Repetition is more important than we think. It helps people from knowing to believing.

11 - Serve your community. If you craft a narrative about how everybody can benefit from what you do, everybody will want you to succeed. They will want to participate.

12 - Sell the change. The biggest thing that can force someone to change is change; real, undeniable, universal, significant, and relevant change.

13 - Build a product made to join. If your product is the material expression of your beliefs, people will want to get it so they join you on your mission.

14 - Lead with passion. You can’t inspire people around you and make things happen with a lukewarm heart.

15 - Do what works. If it works, it’s right. If it doesn’t, it’s not. Mobilizing people is about the impact you have.

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