Can You Control Your Company Narrative?

TL;DR answer: You can’t fully control your company narrative anymore, but you can shape how people participate in building it with you.

How? Read below and Listen here.

To drive the success of their company, CEOs used to control most messages about them. They would do it through well-orchestrated PR and marketing campaigns to serve the bate-like stories that consumers needed to buy more.

It doesn’t work like this anymore.

What can you still control? Perhaps your website, your sales deck, or the ads you push online. That’s about it.

These days, everyone can engage in shaping the image of your company. Look around; we are in the era of digital-platform-based movements. The new driver of success is participation.

CEOs are now held accountable, not just in quarterly earnings calls but in real-time through social media. As a result, there is constant scrutiny, and their job is more demanding than ever.

The company narrative is not something you can delegate anymore. Instead, you have to commit to shaping it because it is an opportunity to leverage your voice to create change.

As a business leader, you can’t control the narrative.

Control is for beginners.

But what’s your role in shaping how we should understand your company? How do you do that? And what results can you expect?

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation on this very topic with my colleague Hilmon Sorey, the fabulous host of The Winning Zone podcast.

In this half-hour conversation, I go over the difference between storytelling and narrative, how you can turn your audience into participants, and the system you can build to do it.

Business storytelling, as you’ve known it, is broken. You can’t just be a message pusher. You have to become a narrative builder.

It’s time to build your strategic narrative.

Give this episode of the Winning Zone a listen, and hit reply with your comments.

I’d love to see you participate.

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