What Makes A Product Interesting

Just talking about it more often, more clearly, louder, everywhere, with pictures, with videos, infographics, colors and special effects does not count if all you do is say the same thing as everyone else.

What counts is to make it interesting.

So, what makes a product interesting? Here are some ideas:

  • It speaks to a person, not to a market.
  • It was created by someone just like us.
  • It’s the solution to a frustrating situation many of us faced.
  • It helps us achieve an opportunity way more significant than your company.
  • It gives us a chance to beat the system and improve our status.
  • It’s the material expression of a singular perspective.
  • It makes us belong to a movement, even a small one.

Most importantly:

  • It goes against the grain, against the old narrative.

As sociologist Murray S. Davis wrote in That’s Interesting! “Those who carefully and exhaustively verify trivial theories are soon forgotten.”

Meaningful Tip, Hopefully
A Narrative Is Not A Story