The Talk, And Most Importantly, The Walk.

Let’s say that you’ve articulated an inspiring strategic narrative for your company. And let’s assume that you have an excellent new presentation about it. You and your team are excited to use it externally. Are you done? Well, not exactly.

Writing your narrative is one thing. Living it is another one, probably the most important one.

A new strategic narrative is easier to articulate than activate, just like the talk is always easier than the walk.


Because going by a new narrative requires activating a new set of behaviors.

A new strategic narrative is not only the product of the PR or marketing teams. It is the product of socially accepted norms—an operating model for your whole community, your team, and yourself.

80% of your narrative shows in your business decisions. That’s why we call it “strategic”.

From your business decisions to your behaviors, observe if your narrative is consistent, dissonant, or absent.

About activating your narrative

When I say “activate”, I mean seeing people react, respond and do something in response to the opportunity, the perspective, and the product you are offering.

So activation means movement, change, evolution, progress, growth, maturation, expansion, or transformation.

When you activate your strategic narrative, you should see yourself, your team, your clients, and your partners talk, think and behave differently–in a way that helps achieve the opportunity.

Activating a strategic narrative means focusing on the people we want to mobilize by calling them to action, so they participate.

And for this, your leadership is the ultimate success factor.

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