Bumper Sticker Mentality

I know; I sent an unusually long email yesterday about a topic that I was trying to explain briefly.

But, good news, literally minutes after I sent that email, as I was speaking on John Golden’s podcast, Sales Pop!, almost the same topic showed up in our conversation. And thanks to that coincidence, John gave me the perfect way to summarize why I think starting with statements is a broken way to fill your company with meaning. So I’ll give them to you:

Bumper Sticker Mentality.

That mindset gets you stuck believing that starting with some slogan will fix your company’s performance problem.

Suppose you want to align people inside and outside your company, create true believers in your mission, and accelerate the adoption of your product. In that case, you’re going to have to examine why your company exists a bit more in-depth. Not just focus on crafting a mission/mission/purpose statement and call it good.

Bumper stickers are great on other occasions. Just not this one.

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