Changing The Narrative on Writing

Yes, there is writing involved in the process of building a strategic narrative.

But not the writing most of us in business have in mind.

Building a strategic narrative is not an act of literature. Instead, it is an act of leadership.

In our context, writing is thinking and creating meaning. So, your focus should be the people you want to mobilize with your ideas, not applying the stylistic and grammar rules you feel you need to know.

That's good news because you can't delegate writing your strategic narrative. It has to be your own.

Larry McEnerney, Director of the University of Chicago's Writing Program, has a fascinating way to redefine the words "effective writing". He changes our narrative about communicating with words when we're experts at what we do.

You can watch Larry do that here. I highly recommend you do it. This video is only 1.5 Netflix shows long but worth 10,000 times your monthly subscription. Great ROI.

Philip Morgan shared this video with me a while ago. It has forever validated what I always felt about writing in a professional setting but could barely explain.

I hope it will shift the way you think about writing as well.

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