One Question To you

What course(s) would you love for me to teach?

Just answer what comes to mind spontaneously at this moment. And thank you if you’ve already replied.

I would love your help 🙏🏼 as I'm doing a bit of market research about new topics for my online courses.

If you need context or help, here are a few prompts:

  • What do you most want to learn right now related to business creation and strategy (my areas of focus)? What skills would you love to develop?
  • "If I only knew how to do this ________(fill in the blank)________, I would be more empowered to build a sustainable/thriving business."
  • "More than anyone else I know, Guillaume Wiatr would be best to teach this: ________(fill in the blank)________. I'd love to take that class!"
  • "If I could learn just 1 skill from Guillaume, it would be this: ________(fill in the blank)________ !"

I look forward to your reply.

With gratitude🙏🏼,


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