How To Keep Going

The power of “why” is one of the most significant revelations of the past decade.

“Why” will help you explore the meaning of your actions. It will take you deep into subconscious territories. Ask five times why and you will explore the root cause-and-effect relationships underlying any problem.

But “Why” is also a limiting word.

“Why me?”. “Why you?”. “Why should we?”

These are intimidating questions.

When “why” challenges the reasons for your actions, it also doesn’t grant you permission until you find a good enough reason to act. And this can take a while.

“Tell me why, and I’ll give you permission.”

I didn’t permit myself to share my ideas for a long time because I didn’t feel like I had a strong enough answer to why I would do it.

“Why me? Others do it already.”

I couldn’t see a purpose in doing it. I didn’t have a clear WHY, so I was stuck in front of my own “red light”.

But one day, instead, I decided to ask myself, “Why not?”.

“Why” explores the reasons, but “Why not” explores possibilities.

Suddenly, I felt like I had released my mental handbrake.

It’s interesting how “not” triggers something positive when placed after “why”.

“Why not” is liberating:

  • It triggers reflection, possible solutions, and options.
  • It stimulates creativity, risk-taking, and movement.

So, you may “start with why”.

But if you want to keep going, don’t forget to continue with “why not”.

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