15 Examples of Transformative Companies

To keep exploring the topic of “transformative agenda”, I thought it might help you to see a list of companies organized per my three types of transformative agendas in What Are You Transforming, Exactly?.

So, I started building that list, and it’s below in this article.

Here is the simple research method I used:

  • I picked companies I know well enough. Some are MetaHelm clients, and some are not.
  • I kept a balance of well-known and not-so-well-known companies, so you could recognize their goal and learn about new ones.
  • I didn’t use any other criteria except “This company’s purpose is to transform something besides itself”.
  • I spread the examples across my three types of transformative agendas, but many of them have more than one agenda. They are not mutually exclusive. I picked the most apparent transformational goal for each.

I have a favor to ask:

As you read this list, if other examples of transformative companies come to mind, PLEASE email me YOUR samples. It could be your company I will add them to this list if they’re a fit, and I will share the whole list with you.

For each company, I included the core message. What do I mean by core message? It’s a very brief high-level summary of what the company is about. It comes from the inside, is authentic, and is not limited to marketing but rather holistic.

I scanned the web to determine why each company exists to pull each core message. It was often obvious, but not always. Sometimes, I had to work hard to write my interpretation.

Here is the list.

Industry transformation

  • Slack - “The workplace needs better workflows between all your teams, tools, customers, and partners. Slack is where work happens.”
  • Mod Pizza - “Pizza can be a platform for addressing societal challenges.”
  • Mamava - “Breastfeeding should be normal and easy everywhere.”
  • Mimbly - “We need to change the way we do laundry.”
  • Circa 500 - “It shouldn’t be hard to put your money into sustainable businesses, and it shouldn’t cost the earth either.”

Personal transformation

  • Blue Moon Burger - “We help people feel good about making bad choices.”
  • Win without pitching - “You can deliver better work and be more profitable without giving your ideas for free.”
  • NuOz - “We free you up from the established IT corporate network. It’s your Building Systems, Your Rules, Your Control.”
  • Rick Torseth - “Choosing to lead shouldn’t hurt your career and shouldn’t hurt who you are.”
  • Rewalk - “When we restore your mobility, we restore your life.”

Environmental transformation

  • Tony's Chocolonely: “Let's make chocolate 100% slave free.”
  • Oatly - “Cutting dairy and meat products from our diets is the single biggest lifestyle change we can make to reduce our environmental impact.”
  • Arcimoto - “The future is electric. The future is small. The future is shared. The future is autonomous.”
  • Dendra - “We can restore our land, and we can do it at scale.”
  • Cascade Built - “With passive houses, homeowners can choose to be part of the solution to climate change, not contributors to the problem.”

I hope this continues to shed some light. Let me know.

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