Know What You’re Up Against

You won't win the race just because you have the fastest boat.

You will also win because you know more about currents and headwinds.

In fact, your knowledge of the elements is so indispensable that if you have a slower boat, it can level the playing field and make you win.

Innovation works the same way.

Clean energies are the fastest way to win the race against climate change. So why aren't we adopting them faster?

We may still need to improve our understanding of what we are really facing: prejudice, misconception, lack of understanding, misinformation, or disinformation. The headwinds might come from former pressure to conform, old norms not challenged, and underlying narratives that slow us down, just like deep currents stalling your boat.

Success is not just about the better idea; it’s also about decoding the invisible forces you are actually up against.

Like you can’t see the current when you’re sailing, you can’t see the old narrative when innovating. But just like the current, you can feel it.

To enact a new vision, you must break free from the control of the old way of doing things.

And the first step is to be aware of it.

To propel your company upstream, are you building narrative power? Find out here.

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