The Courtship Never Stops

If I could only pick one thing I am thankful for, it would be my marriage.

The day I married Deana Wiatr, I won the lottery.

I am blessed with a fantastic wife, and thanks to our 20 years together, I’ve also learned to build many other successful long-term relationships.

That includes my ties with my clients.

Routine is dangerous. It’s easy to take each other for granted. It’s easy to let other competitors get on their radar.

So, the courtship should never stop.

I stay in touch even if we’re not working on a project together. I never let my flow of ideas stop.

I constantly publish new content, like I would write love letters.

I always work on my mindset to show up at my best when things get tough for them.

I constantly communicate so they know that although I’m not perfect, I’m trying to improve.

It’s easy to become complaisant.

It’s harder to be thankful, especially when the rewards are not immediate and the game is infinite.

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