Expert On A Mission

Many professionals say that they have a mission.

Most of the time, they refer to the fact that they've developed a mission statement because… in business, you have to have one. So it’s a standard business practice to have a mission, a vision, and values carefully captured in a short document or a webpage.

But there is a difference between having a mission and being on a mission.

You can state your mission. For instance, mine is "to turn every business into a source of inspiration that few can resist."

But most importantly, and hopefully, you live your mission. You are on a mission.

When you are an expert on a mission:

  • You operate from a higher degree of confidence because a higher purpose drives you.
  • You inspire yourself and others eager to achieve more significant opportunities, including prospective clients, employees, partners, and others.
  • You position your business with the traits of moral authority, defending a cause that everyone can benefit from, not just you or your clients.
  • You gently attract your ideal clients and colleagues and repel the wrong ones, those who don't align with your purpose.
  • You create relationships based on values, less on pure transactions, often a potential source of tension.
  • You command credibility and trust with an inspiring point of view that you enjoy sharing.

Interestingly, I've talked to countless experts on a mission who don't have a mission statement. But they for sure live their mission. They are on it every single minute of their life.

So, if you have a statement that communicates your higher calling, good for you, but most importantly, live it. A mission is something you experience with others.

If you are an expert of any kind, the most powerful way to explore and live your mission is to publish content related to your work regularly and frequently.

Notice I didn't say "write" but "publish." The difference is subtle yet essential. Publishing is thinking in public.

As my colleague Chip Baker says, writing gives you a heightened sense of awareness in the reflection process. But publishing aligns your business with the people who look for your reflection.

Wouldn't you be excited to be found by more people who seek the way you think?

When people can get a taste of how you think, you meet your true believers, the people you need to work with, the employees you need to recruit, and the leader you are supposed to become. Selling is like whispering. Then, growing your business becomes joyful.

Living your mission through the creative expression of your ideas turns your professional services business into a true guide. Most consultants call themselves "guides" (that includes me). But when they don't have enough clients and not enough people to be guided, they panic. They desperately look for clients to save.

But here is the thing:

"Lighthouses don't go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining." Anne Lamott

If you're an expert on a mission, stand where you are and shine. Don't run around in desperation.

Instead of trying to leave a legacy once your existence is over, live it.

I hope this helps.

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