He Who Has Hope - Welcome, 2023!

In 2023, I hope that:

  1. You will be deeply dedicated to your own personal growth
  2. We will dialog more
  3. I will live undivided
  4. They will want to buy more from you
  5. Your work will feel more like a mission to you
  6. We will see more stories of peace than stories of war
  7. I will bring more play into my work
  8. They will see all the value you can add to their business and their life
  9. You will inspire people
  10. We will behave more like experts
  11. I will launch even more authentic, relevant, exciting, and profitable offers
  12. They will have a killer year
  13. You will continue to explore your calling through the publishing of your ideas
  14. We will master not only our craft but our narrative too
  15. My business will meet more of its true fans
  16. They will define a strategy they can all be excited about
  17. You will prioritize your health
  18. We will live less in fear and more in anticipation
  19. I will let the geniuses or improvisation, experimentation, authenticity, and humble sharing into serious action
  20. They will understand your business, get behind it, and believe in it
  21. You will build the habits your need to build
  22. We will celebrate your success
  23. I will share more novel ideas

Because “He who has hope has everything.” - Thomas Carlyle

A simple strategy.

Happy 2023!

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