Guiding the Guides


Meet Guillaume Wiatr, Principal and Founder of MetaHelm.

I restore confidence by bringing insight, method, process, and guidance to business leaders who want to transform their strategy process.


I’m Guillaume Wiatr, presentation strategist and principal of MetaHelm.

Building the story as the core of everything else has been my belief since I was in college. To me, a strategy is a story. In my 20 years as a consultant in Europe and the US, I have founded start-ups, launched products, changed mindsets, coached senior executives and teams of entrepreneurs. Every time we succeeded, it was because we had our story straight and because we could turn it into moments that were emotionally resonant.


The genesis of MetaHelm

At first, I didn’t have the tools to build great narratives and I screwed up quite a few conversations as a result. Making your ideas engaging wasn’t something taught in my business schools, nor at my first strategy firm, AT Kearney. The way we adopted PowerPoint didn’t help much either. So, I decided to explore communication, psychology, coaching, and design. I built an approach that provides a logical and structured pathway to storytelling for high-stakes presentations. In 2016, I created MetaHelm to make this method available to you. And in doing so, I decided to add a new chapter to my own story.


We don’t need more slides

We need more persuasion. Presentation coaching is commonly but wrongly paired with PowerPoint slides only. This view is only the tip of the iceberg. Engaging in a rigorous and deeper presentation process should trigger better thinking, more conversations, more alignment and ultimately more impact. In my process, we talk about business goals, strategy, story, and structure first. We sketch a lot because it’s faster and eliminates room for ambiguity. All that, way before we even think about building slides.

Your future depends on the story you tell

Storytelling used to be mostly for Marketing. Today, we are in a global idea economy, and your narrative has the power to shape everyone’s mind, from your investors to your customer service team. I’ve seen so many business initiatives stall when leaders didn’t invest in crafting a strategic story that everybody gets, and that everybody believes in. Flip that and people achieve incredible goals.

Partial client list


Air France



Fabulous Biscuits

Groupe Apicil


La Maison du Chocolat





North America


Alaska Airlines

Arcora Foundation

BC Hydro

Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

Bonneville Power Administration

Christiana Care


Delta Dental


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



Highland Private

Horizon Air

L’Oreal Clarisonic



Point B

Providence Health & Services

Wells Fargo