Learn Advanced Strategy Techniques


MetaHelm training workshops are the fastest way to create a culture of clear and compelling strategic storytelling in your organization.



The Bigger Story: Strategic Storytelling to Drive Profit and Engagement

Learn the elements and principles of strategic storytelling so you can reframe and revive your business strategy with a narrative that will unlock profit and energize your team.


The Visual Meeting: Tools for More Involvement

The fundamentals of real-time visual meeting facilitation. Run visually stimulating meetings, using markers, papers, and whiteboards. Your audience will contribute better ideas and remember what you’ve shown them.


Pitching the American Way: Strategies to Present and Persuade an American Audience

The basics of pitching and the specifics of doing it with an American audience, so you become a more convincing business professional, whether you’re from the US or anywhere else.


C-suite Impact: Information Design to Persuade in the Boardroom

How to design your information into a powerful reading deck, one worthy of your million-dollar idea. Force deeper clarity, better conversations and provide support whether you have 3 minutes, a half-hour, or you aren’t even in the room. 

Private training is for you if..


You want your team to adopt innovative strategy practices that will be reused across the organization.


You want to equip your leaders with potent ways to fight information overload and confusion in their work environment.


You want the learning to be applied in real-time to people’s own specific cases, and to improve through follow-up sessions.


You want leaders to be able to save time preparing slides and focus on telling convincing stories.


You want the kind of learning experience that makes people feel like the day went by fast because it was active and value-packed.