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The Next Narrative

Why Some Businesses Change Lives And Others Don’t

Imagine a CEO leaning forward to ask, “What’s our story?”. Is she looking for an anecdote starting with “once upon a time…”? Not quite. She is looking for a life-changing idea that will rule the emotional script inside people’s minds and mobilize them to achieve a critical mission. Guillaume Wiatr calls this idea a strategic narrative. A crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic creates struggle but also some whitespace for entrepreneurial leaders to create the new strategic narratives that will build the future and stimulate new growth. Will you be that leader?

In this talk, Guillaume demonstrates how you can create the next version of your business if you use the fundamental principles of strategic narrative creation. How are narratives different from stories? Why do they matter? Where do we unearth them? Wiatr takes you on an exploration from personal reinvention to the heart of company transformation. He suggests a refreshing perspective weaving business strategy, innovation, creativity, and his journey. You can wait for others to reinvent everything or join this talk to find out how to create the next narrative.

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“A huge thank you for your high-energy talk last week in front of our 85 executives MBA participants from EDHEC. It was loaded with insights. The feedback from the attendees and sponsors is extremely positive. It looks like they wanted to talk to you for a while after the event, which is definitely a sign of success to me!”

Eric Beaulieu
Deputy Director, French-American Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest

“Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas with our students and grads today. I think your advice was spot on, and it’s great for them to hear the push for more strategic storytelling from many different angles. So, again, many thanks for bringing your charm and wisdom to SVC. We’re so grateful you’re in our orbit.”

Larry Asher
Director, School of Visual Concepts

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