Let’s See How This Resonates

by Nov 20, 2020Strategy

Cymatics is very cool.

This is what it looks like.

It is visualized when you coat a metal surface called a Chladni plate with thin particles like flour, salt or sand, and you make that plate resonate.

As sound vibrations go through the foil, you can see what they do to the particles. They show the transformational nature of sound and matter.

We know so much about sound, yet we are still learning about its effect on us, and scientists are discovering potential therapeutic applications.

I think it’s just a powerful visual demonstration of the effect of sound to create order out of chaos.

The patterns and structures generated by cymatics are just stunning.

That’s not all.

I am bringing up this topic with you because it caught my attention for a couple of reasons.

First, cymatics is at the intersection of music, visualization and strategy, three disciplines to which I dedicated a significant amount of my career. This blog is about strategy, but in case you didn’t know, here is a bit about my music work and some of my visualization work.

Second, there is a wonderful analogy between cymatics and a strategic narrative.

Just as cymatics agitate particles of sand on the Chladni plate, the strategic narrative of your company makes the whole organization behave at a certain frequency when it resonates in the mind of people.

Think of the behavior of the particles of sand as the decisions people make when they hear where the company is headed and why.

Your strategic narrative has the power to shape and guide everyone around. It helps people get unified. It activates the self-organizing behavior of the group.

That’s because sound guides and shapes us.

That’s because resonance causes change.

Wouldn’t it be a dream to see customers, employees, students, investors, recruits and partners click, crackle and pop in perfect alignment with the core vibration of your strategy?

That can happen if:

  1. You become aware of the power of this intangible force and you decide to invest in harnessing it.
  2. People are able to hear and make sense of your narrative. You and I both know how much noise there is out there.
  3. You shape your strategy in a way that resonates in people’s hearts and minds.

Interested in creating the right strategy and getting everyone to understand your business, back it, and believe in it? Start working your strategic narrative today.

Interested in making your own powerful cymatics? Here is how to do it. More fun information also here and here.

Please tell me how this resonates?

Have a great weekend!

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