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In case you missed them, here are my 5 best insights pieces from last month.

1 – “Mmm, upcoming course, I have”

Full is my upcoming course, but fun is the video announcement.

The Force In Your Origin Story: Building A Purpose-driven Business From Roots to Fruits” it is.

=> My StarWars-influenced invitation to this online course

2 – How Agile Planning Helps You Build Narrative Power

Building a powerful narrative for your business is a process that takes time, courage, and curiosity. It’s not just a one-time project but an ongoing effort that requires discipline, flexibility, and agility.

=> Watch the video on Youtube

3 – Growth Hack for Entrepreneurs: Voxer

How a simple Walkie-Talkie app on your phone could create big changes for you and your clients.

=> My Youtube video about this

4 – Inspiration Is For Amateurs

The true value of human connection alongside technical excellence in our client engagements.

=> Read my article on this

5 – Drawing For Change

Once upon a time, I used to practice graphic facilitation full time. I still practice this skill daily and want to encourage you to use too.

=> My visual very visual Linkedin post

BONUS: You can see more of my graphic facilitation work here.


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