Tell Your Story With Guillaume

 Build your strategic narrative with the right process.

Step 1: StoryMap

First things first, let’s build a strategy for your strategic presentation. This meta-step is critical. One thing I learned from working with people like you for so long, is that you will multiply your chances of success if you know why your message matters deeply to people, and how you will make it heard. So, let’s create what I call a StoryMap, a complete guide to make your story straight.


Step 2: StoryCoach

After we’ve done your StoryMap, we craft the storyline, the form of the story and I coach you to deliver it. Depending on your formats and capabilities, I will recommend a package that fits your specific needs, goals and timeline. StoryCoach executes your entire high-stakes presentations, from the outline to the delivery of emotionally resonant moments like your pitch meetings, team presentations or keynotes. You will mobilize people with confidence.